Let’s make awesome things together.


Work with Hitbox to develop your brand and visual identity. We can build you up from scratch, or take what you have and implement it beautifully.


Whether it’s web, print, or something more exploratory– we’ve got you covered.

Drop us a line!


Good things come in well-considered packages. We do design, layout, and pre-press for your boxes, labels, and bags.


Icons and art for your games, books, brochures, websites, and merchandise.


We value strategy in design. Align your company brand with your goals, manage content and messaging, pitch a marketing campaign.

What are your rates?

We bid projects on a case-by-case basis, often as a capped flat rate with an hourly rate for additional services.

How do you bill?

In stages. Usually, half up front and half on delivery, so all parties are comfortable with their investment.

Do you bill differently for large projects?

We can! Let’s talk. For larger projects where it makes sense to go in stages, you may purchase blocks of our time at a flat rate.

What is your availability?

Availability fluctuates with our current workload.

Contact us with your project scope and timeline!